Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Narrows

The Narrows: a Harry Bosch Novel, read by Len Cariou, 404 p.

Harry Bosch: Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch don't need me to sing their praises, but I'll do it anyway.  When I first tried a Bosch novel a few years ago, I found Harry a bit too aggressive, brusque and humorless for my taste.  Now this LA detective, aggressive, brusque, humorless and fanatical in his pursuit of justice and eradication of evil, is just what I need.  His cases are complex but not far-fetched, and do a terrific job of highlighting corruption in the police, Los Angeles municipal government, the FBI, and, occasionally, the military.  Better still is Connelly's astute portrayal of the ways that pettiness, cowardice and overblown ambition - in the police and elsewhere - make things easier for the real bad guys to operate.  I love the sense of place here, a smoggy, grubby, but still glamorous Los Angeles, and Harry's complicated relationships with his daughter and co-workers.  Bibliotherapy for a bad-guy era.

The Narrows: Harry and FBI colleague Rachel Walling pursue serial killer The Poet into the Nevada desert and beyond.

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