Tuesday, April 17, 2018

White tears

White tears / Hari Kunzru, 271 pgs.

Seth is a "nobody."  Socially awkward, almost friendless but into recording and music.  He is befriended by Carter, a trust fund kid who wants for nothing.  They end up in New York and open a recording studio.  It is difficult for Carter to focus on anything but his rare record collection, Seth is trying to run a business.  When Carter becomes obsessed with a recording that Seth made on the street, he loses touch with reality a bit and Seth is left to deal with a parade of interesting and odd people who appear.  A second story is interwoven as one character tells a story of his youth and obsession with blues records whose road trip in the 50's is re-enacted by Seth and Carter's sister.  Symbolic and trippy, it is impossible at times to tell what is real and what is a hallucination.  Not an easy read but interesting.  Not totally sure I understand it but no regrets.

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