Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bingo Love

Bingo Love / Tee Freanklin, Jenn St-Onge & Joy San, 88 pgs.

Hazel and Mari meet in 1963 as kids at a church bingo.  They are immediately drawn to each other and become best friends. Hazel is interested in more but doesn't want to ruin what they have.  When they are a bit older, (teens), they both realize they have the same feelings.  But their love isn't accepted by their families and they are driven apart.  Both marry and have families and reconnect many years later.  After finding each other again, they decide to divorce their husbands and make a life together.  Making up for lost time, they eventually are accepted by their families and live out their lives together.  A bittersweet story of true love with beautiful art.

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