Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mrs. Fletcher

Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta (2017) 307 pages

Mrs. Fletcher is a novel for those times when one isn't in need of deep meaning or strong characters. The point of view shifts, switching mostly between that of Eve Fletcher, a 46 year-old divorcee who is sending her only son off to college, and Brendan Fletcher, her son, who is not ready to take his college education seriously.  Peripheral characters include a trans woman who is teaching a course Eve is taking at her local community college; Amanda, a young woman working to present programs at the senior center that Eve directs; Julian, a high school classmate of Brendan's who was traumatized by an event right before his senior year started; and Amber, a student at Brendan's university who, like him, has an autistic sibling.

Eve spends a lot of time trying to explore her sexuality by visiting porn sites and studying videos to learn how to interact with potential partners. Brendan, who was hoping to find a smorgasbord of sexual offerings at college, finds himself isolated and feeling outcast. The story takes us along to see how their decisions pan out.

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