Monday, March 26, 2018

Dark Matter

Dark matter / Blake Crouch, 342 pgs.

Instead of doing a summary here, I will just point out that Kara already said it better.  And now there are a few things that might be spoilers but that make me wonder about this book.  If you meet yourself "coming and going" by traveling through multiverses, you would think that you would have a pretty good idea of your personality.  In this book, there were some major differences between these people that seem unlikely.  I mean, I know they have had some different the ones that are from 15 years apart, I can see it.  But, there are a BUNCH of Jason Dessens  who forked only  a short time ago.  How can so many of them default to murder?  And there is some evidence that there will be more coming.  How is this a logical option?  But I can get past all this because, despite problems, the book kept me interested. It was a real thriller.  I didn't want to put it down until I was finished with it, even if the ending was not entirely satisfying.  So what?  I even found myself explaining the plot at length to my husband who has done research into the concept of multiverses and has produced an art project exploring the idea.  If you can't stop reading a book and you talk about it with other people, it makes it a winner on my list.

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