Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Unbelievable: My front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history / Katy Tur, 293 pgs.

Katy Tur took the assignment to follow a Republican candidate that everyone thought would wash out quickly.  She debated canceling her upcoming vacation but assumed this would be short lived and might give her some interesting opportunities.  535 days later she was at the victory party, exhausted and sick of using dry shampoo.  Along the way, she was witness to the oddest campaign in American history.  A candidate with no political experience and perhaps no interest in the job had no problem energizing the "base" and holding successful rally after rally.  Subjected to threats that required security towards the end of campaign, one supporter actually spit in her face after finding out she was a member of the media.  The book recounts a wild ride that lasted much longer than anyone expected. A great read for anyone interested in campaigns or journalism.

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