Thursday, March 1, 2018

Depeche Mode "Monument" by Dennis Burmeister and Sascha Lange

Depeche Mode
Dennis Burmeister & Sascha Lange
Akashic Books

Anytime a band gets the coffee table treatment it’s a pretty big deal.  These monstrosities often legitimize a legaxy of sorts while also serving as a special treat for long time fans.

This brings us to “Monument” a massive examination of all things Depeche Mode compiled by German uber designer Burmeister and Lange, a fellow fan and historian of contemporary youth culture.

Together the tandem has given fans an ultra-detailed visual representation of Depeche Mode’s work nestled alongside articles chronicling their history. More than a simple scrapbook, the book gathers a concise narrative beginning with their formation in Basildon to the present.  Within its pages are the authors collection of promo photos, artwork, press releases and concert posters, each used to frame
the complicated and turbulent history of Depeche Mode.

“Monument” also examines creative process for each album, concert video and world tour. It also dives into the prickly terrain of why Vincent Clarke and Alan Wilder left the band. If that was not enough it also dives into their respective side project and solo work.

Originally released in Germany, “Monument” is equal parts recollection and affection, spanning the band’s origins in synth pop to their evolution as a post-punk trio whose grimy beats have signified multiple shifts in sound.

“Monument” also documents the relationship between the band and their fans via a presentation of nearly every aspect of their recorded catalogue (albums, singles, remixes and promos).

Stuffed with information and glossy design, “Monument” goes out of its way to please both casual fans and serious collectors.

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