Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time: a Novel / Matt Haig, 325 p.

Like Dara Horn's Eternal Life, we have another novel in which a character has been alive far longer than he'd like.  In this case Tom, who grew up in Elizabethan England, has had enough of loving and leaving people, and of the effort involved in creating new identities in obscure pockets of the globe.  Worse still is his membership in the sinister Albatross Society, whose members share his condition and who police the planet for other potential members in order to keep the group 'safe' from the predations of witch-hunters and, in the modern era, genetic scientists.  When Tom meets French teacher Camille while working at a London school in the present day, he is forced to consider whether it isn't time to share his secret. Sweet and engaging.

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