Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The other side of impossible

The other side of impossible: Ordinary people who faced daunting medical challenges and refused to give up / Susannah Meadows, 302 pgs.

If your child had a serious medical condition that resulted in a serious restriction on their quality of life, and traditional medical care did not make significant progress towards restoring that quality, what would you do?  What if the person dealing with the illness was you?  Meadows first tells her own story, her son suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis is often in so much pain, he can not participate in any activities.  She decides to look beyond the medications offered and delves into ideas that lack well researched results.  Nevertheless, some things help.  She continues searching for help.  This book in no way rejects traditional medicine but encourages building on it with methods who have worked for some and might work for you.  Each chapter tells an amazing story of someone who won't give up for their child, or themselves when dealt the blow of serious illness.  A very impressive book.

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