Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Into the water

Into the water / Paula Hawkins, 388 pgs.

Hawkins burst onto the scene with "The girl on the train," arguably the most checked out book of 2015 that resulted in a couple of feature films.  This book is good but very different.  A mother kills herself at the local "drowning pool," a famous site of many witch trials, suicides and murders through the ages.  She leaves a teenage daughter who is struggling after her best friend also committed suicide.  Lena knows more than she lets on but then so do many other characters in this book.  Speaking of characters, there are a lot of them.  Hawkins shines a light on each of them and makes you doubt their story.  For some reason, this book just doesn't pack the punch of the first one.  Most of these characters are not very likable and I felt like "The girl on the train" gave a good name to black-out drunks.  I certainly would not discourage reading but be aware the two books are very dissimilar.

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