Friday, June 9, 2017

The little book of hygge

The little book of hygge: the Danish way to live well / Meik Wiking, 225 pgs.

Secrets from the happiest country on earth on how they just keep winning that title.  Hygge is the Danish concept of living your life in a way to make you happy.  Nothing here is ground breaking but it is fun to read the suggestions all together.  First off, start with making a place cozy, good lighting, a warm blanket, maybe a pet to snuggle, light a candle.  Then drink a nice hot drink or wine.  Hang out with friends and family but don't force any big activities, play a game, knit, make a meal together.  It all sounds lovely in the way that you don't need more "things" and you don't need to pay a lot for high end activities, just be low key and cozy.  Do we need to move to Denmark or can we get that going here?

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