Thursday, June 15, 2017

Born bright

Born bright: a young girl's journey from nothing to something in America / C. Nicole Mason, 242 pgs.

 A great story of the author fighting her way out of poverty and achieving success despite being dealt a hand missing a few cards. Born to a teenage mother who never finished high school, the author endured many of the side effects of poverty...frequent moves, most often living in poor conditions, attending schools that were underfunded, being taught by teachers who did not believe their students could succeed, etc. etc.  The message that comes through loud and clear is that Mason did not realize until she was in college that she had been poor.  There were always others in the neighborhood who were worse off.  She never knew that all schools are not like the ones she attended. Mason has an interesting story and I'm glad we are reading this book this summer along with David Copperfield.  Interesting how certain problems seem to stay the same.

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