Saturday, June 3, 2017

Supermutant Magic Academy

 Supermutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki, 274 pages.

Great graphic novel featuring a group of teens at the school from which the book gets its name (though no one in the book refers to the institution by name). The classwork at the school isn't featured in the tales that make up the book, neither are the powers or abilities of tphe students, except as they annoy their classmates, or help or hinder them sexually. The mostly single-page vignettes are chronologically arranged and tell of the day-to-day frustrations, anxieties, and mini-traumas the teens face while attending the school. Marsha is trying to come to grips with her sexuality and her love for her friend Wendy. Wendy is beautiful and popular and can turn into an actual fox. She doesn't seem to have any problems. Cheddar is smart, popular, good at sports, enjoys reading Joyce, and is eventually mistake for the "Chosen One." Frances and Everlasting Boy are two of my favorites; Frances is the school's inappropriate (my reaction to her art is valid) performance artist, and Everlasting Boy doesn't quite fit in, but he does endure. Nicely drawn. Interesting stories.

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