Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Separation

A Separation / Katie Kitamura, 229 pgs. read by Katherine Waterston

The narrator of the story translates books because she is attracted to the passive nature of the work.  She is married to Christopher, a charming Englishman who has cheated on her as much as been faithful.  They have only been married five years when they decide to separate.  He implores her to keep it a secret so when her mother-in-law Isabella calls asking for his whereabouts, she is unaware that they haven't lived together for six months.  Our narrator ends up seeking out her husband in Greece where he is supposedly finishing his second book.  She consents to the trip because she is ready to ask for a divorce.  But when she arrives, Christopher is not to be found.  There is, however, a young hotel employee that is obviously also interested in finding him presumably because they had an affair.

This is an interesting book, the pacing is slow but that is by design.  Several mysteries reveal themselves but details would be spoilers.  I listened to the audio version but found the narration less than compelling.

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