Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dig if you will the picture

Dig if you will the picture: funk, sex, God & Genius in the music of Prince / Ben Greenman, 289 pgs.

An interesting study by an educated fan, Greenman delves into the cultural relevance of the music, a personal story from his view, and a general overview of Prince as a person.  The music is the main focus here.  Much of what is written about the artist's personal life is what was discovered of it through the music.  I really appreciated this book although am someone who usually looks for the personal detail that gives insight more than focusing on the impact of the music.  Prince was a real working genius and the prolific output of music is amazing when compared to other artists.  I find his love for Minneapolis and his ability to know who he was very refreshing.  One funny story in the book was about the less than productive partnership with Madonna who visited Prince at his home and was depressed by the cold dark winter.  She said she could not work under those conditions.  Thankfully for the us, Prince was a lot tougher.

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