Sunday, May 28, 2017

The best of Adam Sharp

The best of Adam Sharp / Graeme Simsion, 314, pgs.

Adam and Angelina had a torrid love affair 20+ years ago.  Adam moved on to a comfortable life and relationship with Claire.  Now, so many years later, Angelina reaches out to him and he remembers what he left behind.  Will they meet up again?  Is she really the soul mate that he deserves?  In many ways as you read, there isn't anything that will surprise you much, except wondering why in the world he walked away and seemingly didn't look back?  I mean, he was traveling on an IT contract and when he left Australia, he want to New Zealand and beyond.  Sure it isn't easy to commute but it seems like they could have done a better job.  But then what would the story be?  Yes, I can get bogged down occasionally in certain details. Although I enjoyed the book, it is really one of those man fantasies.  Of course, Adam has let himself go a bit but nothing a good shave and 5 days of exercise can't correct.  Angelina, is of course, still a stunner.  Their reunion is interesting and everything works out as I hoped it would.  TMI?

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