Saturday, May 13, 2017

Organ Grinder: A Classical Education Gone Astray

Organ Grinder: A Classical Education Gone Astray by Alan Fishbone, 100 pages.

I think this book was written with a younger reader in mind, maybe for someone who hasn't encountered Hunter Thompson, Robert Pirsig, or even Sonny Barger. It is interesting in parts, there are stories of the author's feelings about the classics (the back cover tells us that he has a Masters in Philosophy in Classics from Colombia), about his adventures in Venezuela, his adventures and misadventures on motorcycles, and his adventures with a couple of women. He doesn't delve too deeply into studying the classics, or really much beyond some quotations and some exploration of the relative merits of Plato and Diogenes. It's 100 pages long, it's kind of narcissistic, but the style is engaging and it moves along quickly.

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