Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fables 20, 21, & 22

Fables: Camelot [vol. 20] by Bill Willingham, et al, 256 pages
Fables: Happily Every After [vol. 21] by Bill Willingham, et al, 200 pages
Fables: Farewell [vol. 22] by Bill Willingham, et al, 160 pages

These three volumes are the final Fables books (at least for the main series; there are more spin-off series than I can count), and contain the final story arc: a conflict between Snow and Rose Red that has the potential to destroy worlds. Scattered throughout (particularly in the last two volumes) are short farewell stories to various characters, both big and small. Some of these interludes are funny or clever, some of them are annoying (Jack turns up again...ugh), but the whole thing seems overly long and drawn out. The overarching conflict is a good one, though I wish it had been introduced earlier and given a bit more room to breathe. Farewell, Fables! It's been swell!

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