Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The dinner party

The dinner party and other stories / Joshua Ferris, 246 pgs.

A collection of eleven stories by the guy who wrote my favorite book of 2008 and a couple of other books that I really liked.  I think the one theme of these stories is "men behaving badly" but also being pretty funny about it.  Jack hires Mike to help him move his stuff out of storage but then is put off by Mike's lack of friendliness.  Jack just wants to chat and tell Mike about his upcoming wedding.  In the end, Jack physically attacks Mike and beats him silly.  Yes, this is just the way you deal with your feelings being hurt.  Many of the stories include men cheating on their significant others or deciding that she has left him, even though she just spent a little extra time picking up bagels.  Interesting stories but maybe a bit too much alike to be great.

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