Monday, September 30, 2013

Star Island

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen  337 pp.

Not the best Hiaasen I've read but it is full of the usual quirky characters that populate his Florida based stories. Cheryl Bunterman, known by the stage name Cherry Pye, is a no-talent, much hyped singer with a penchant for drugs and booze. Her parents, manager, bodyguard, and hired double attempt to keep her career going while Cherry does everything she can to unintentionally destroy it. Also in the mix is a paparazzo who has decided to make Cherry Pie his life's work. When Cherry is "indisposed" aka in rehab, Ann DeLusia makes Cherry's public appearances to perpetrate the myth that the singer is functional. After her last bender, her bodyguard is fired and replaced by Chemo, a one-armed giant with a mutilated face and a weed whacker as a prosthetic hand. Former governor and road-kill eater, Clinton Tyree aka Skink, a favorite Hiaasen character, makes an appearance when he rescues Ann from a car accident and uniquely assaults a crooked real estate developer with a sea urchin. The plot is thin and a little predictable. The outlandish characters are the highlight.

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