Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sisterland, by Curtis Sittenfeld

Of course, much of the fun of this book is recognizing the many St. Louis places and landmarks that are in it.  Sittenfeld followed her husband here from the east coast when he was offered a job at Washington University.  It will be interesting also to hear her speak at the April Friends of the Library event.  Identical twin sisters, Vi and Kate (nee Daisy), have “senses.”  From a fairly early age, they become aware of their ability to sometimes foretell the future.  Kate has had the happier life – she’s married to a man she loves and has a charming two year old daughter, Rosie, and new baby Owen.  She has made a conscious decision to put her senses behind her.  Vi has had a troubled life, dropping out of college her first year, never settling down with a partner, and making her living in low-paying jobs.  When her ESP helps find a kidnapped child, she parlays this into a more successful career as a psychic.  All hell breaks loose when she predicts that a major earthquake will hit St. Louis on October 16.  Kate’s husband Jeremy is a scientist in Washington University’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, and he and his colleague, Courtney, have a rather different take on this prediction.  A page-turner, and, not surprisingly, the earthquake turns out to be somewhat different than predicted.  397 pp.

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