Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet me at the cupcake cafe: a novel with recipes by Jenny Colgan 978-1-4022-8180-8 410 pages

I do like novels that have recipes tucked between the pages, like bon-bons. I do often copy them, but I confess that I can't remember the last novel recipe I used.Let me say upfront that I am not even going to copy any of these recipes. Why? This is a British import and so many of the required ingredients are not sitting on my pantry shelf. That's okay. The sweet story (reminds me a bit of Bridget Jones) is a treat by itself.
 Issy Randall is booted from her job and the man mostly responsible is the man she sleeps with, an arrogant, frustrating Graeme. Unsure what to do next, she finds the opportunity of her life. It is a tiny shop off the busy streets that she thinks would be the perfect location for a cupcake bakery. Baking is her talent. Well, baking and making friends and opening a community haven. The guy who becomes her banker, well, anyone except Issy, can immediately see that he is the real deal. Austin is a  nice stand-up guy who takes care of his orphaned young brother and is just about as oblivious to the charms of shy Issy. This book is labeled Chick Lit and I guess it is.

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