Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Detroit City is the place to be

Detroit City is the place to be: the afterlife of an American metropolis by Mark Binelli 318 pg.

After reading my second book about Detroit, I'm starting to get the picture that things are pretty messed up there.  Mark Binelli grew up in Detroit and moves back as an adult to report on the state of things in his home town.  His perspective is interesting because he has a lot of memories but he also does the research to update the memories he has with how things really were.  We could dedicate this entire blog about the issues in Detroit but lets start by saying there is no money, there is a poor education system, there is very little population remaining in a very large area. And yet, there are bright spots.  At the end of the book, the author is unsure if his sense that things are getting better is based on reality or just his hope.  Either way, there is still quite a climb for this once proud mecca of the middle class and stable job center.

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