Saturday, May 5, 2018


Educated: a memoir / Tara Westover, read by Julia Whelan, 349 pgs.

A remarkable memoir by a woman who grew up in a fundamentalist family that didn't believe in sending their kids to school nor visiting doctors or using even over the counter drugs.  Her mother is a self-educated midwife who treated ailments with herbs and oils and her father probably suffers from bi-polar disorder and extreme paranoia. In addition, one older brother had bouts of rage that translated into violence against the author and other siblings.  For much of her life she assumed she would follow in her mother's footsteps but then an older sibling left and attended college.  He encouraged her to follow.  After that she discovered things like the Holocaust, Civil Rights movement and philosophy.  While trying to maintain family ties, she spoke out against the violence she had experienced at the hands of her brother and was rejected by her family. This book is amazing and the audio version very don't want to stop listening.

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