Monday, October 23, 2017

To Fetch a Thief

To Fetch A Thief by Spencer Quinn, 307 pages

This third installment of the Chet and Bernie mystery series does not disappoint.  I came across this series by chance - a man and dog detective agency.  But what's this?  The stories are told from the dog's point of view?  Yep, Chet is a hundred-pound mixed breed, thoughtful and smart as they come, as long as he doesn't happen to notice that cat (or Cheeto or Slim Jim) over there.  The man, Bernie, is divorced and barely scraping by.  Chet, who has the deepest loyalty for Bernie, also appears to be more financially savvy than his man.

In this story, an elephant (Peanut) and her trainer have disappeared from a small traveling circus.  How can an elephant just disappear?  Jocko, a large scary man with a crooked nose and a bandana, provides intimidation galore.  With Chet's nose on the job, the story winds around the Southwestern US and drops into Mexico as the search for Peanut and her trainer evolves.

Meanwhile, Chet's thoughtful and humorous canine commentary really makes one wonder if author Spencer Quinn can read a dog's mind...

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