Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fifty inventions that shaped the modern economy

Fifty inventions that shaped the modern economy by Tim Harford, read by Roger Davis, 321 pgs.

This interesting book talks about innovative inventions and ideas that have shaped our economy.  As with all lists, there will be topics included and left off that make the list seem incomplete.  If we accept this list for what it is, you will be intrigued by the analysis of the intended and unintended consequences of each of the ideas on the list.  Agree or disagree that the "welfare state" is an invention but read with interest what it means to the modern populous.  This is not the typical list of important inventions.  You will not find here the printing press but paper is included.  Logically there would be no press if paper had not come first.  Also included, double entry accounting and barbed wire.  If you are interested in economic history, you will find much here enjoyable.  Roger Davis does a good job of breezily reading in a style that makes this an easy listen.

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