Sunday, October 1, 2017

The reason why

The reason why / Vickie M. Stringer, read by liKane, 291 pages

Chino is a street level drug dealer and Pam is a college girl attending Ohio State.  They meet at a club in Columbus and fall for each other pretty quick. Chino is a rising star in his business and Pam enjoys the money and prestige it brings.  Pretty soon she is skipping classes and distancing herself from her family in Detriot.  She starts to question her relationship when Chino gets busted during a shootout.  What about her dreams of having a life like her parents?  Suburban house, stability and low risk lifestyle?  Chino says he wants that too but is it really possible to get out of the game?  While Chino is in jail, Pam seeks refuge with her friend Erik, a friendly guy from school.  Unfortunately, one of the crew sees them together and now Chino thinks she is cheating.  It doesn't take a genius to see there is trouble afoot for our young lovers.  Soon Chino meets Tracey and others and the conflict erupts.  Events happen that make going back impossible.  Lots of action and an ending that isn't unexpected.

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