Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Mars Room

The Mars Room / Rachel Kushner, 338 pgs. read by the author

The Mars Room is a seedy strip club in San Francisco.  Romy Hall, a stripper known as Vanessa is the main character in this book.  She is serving a couple of life sentences for killing a man who stalked her.  She is flawed as is the justice system that ignores her circumstances and provides only an overworked public defender to decide her fate.  Romy's story is not the only one we hear. There are fellow prisoners, staff, some people whose connection is not obvious to me.  Everyone is quirky and interesting with a unique story.  I think the book makes clear there isn't an easy way to classify the people, their situations and the circumstances that bring them to the novel.  At first I was unsure of the author reading this book but ended up enjoying the audio version very much. The voice of Romy comes through very convincingly.

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