Saturday, November 3, 2018


Wrecked: an IQ novel / Joe Ide, read by Sullivan Jones, 343 pgs.

IQ is back for his third adventure.  The girl he met in the junk yard hires him to find her mother who disappeared a decade ago.  His side-kick Dodson becomes his partner and Ruffin is still a tough looking dog who is mostly scared of his shadow.  IQ is successful but lonely.  Dodson needs to get out of the food truck business and so the partners focus on restructuring the business and making some money.  Grace is the junk-yard girl.  She has some issues but IQ is attracted to her.  Can he help her?  Can they find her mother?  Can they survive the bad guys who are also searching for her?  With a plot that veers around among the characters, there is a lot of action.  I would have liked some more IQ brainy work but will take what I can get.  This book is expertly read by Sullivan Jones.

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