Thursday, November 8, 2018

Dear America

Dear America: notes of an undocumented citizen / Jose Antonio Vargas, read by the author, 245 pgs.

At twelve, Vargas' mother sent him to America to live with her parents.  Her goal was to join him within six months. She never made it here but Vargas thrived in his school and community.  When he went to get a driver's license, he discovered he was here illegally. What do you do in that situation?  Well, not much.  He continued living his life and as he grew older, told more and more lies to do things like work and live his life.  He has never been back to the Philippines, and has, in fact, never left the country.  If he leaves, he has no idea if he will be able to come back.  In addition to the personal memoir part of this story, he talks bigger picture immigration and the current political situation.  I listened to the book which added to the experience because he gives us a taste of his native languages. An interesting timely read.

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