Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, 374 pages.

Wade lives in a trailer in the "stacks," sort of a homemade, multilevel, trailer park in Oklahoma City, with his aunt, her boyfriend, and two other families. It may sound crowded, but it's a double-wide trailer and Wade has a space in the laundry room. Actually, Wade spends as little time in the trailer as possible. He has his own hideout in a partially crushed van, and he spends most of his time online in the OASIS, a virtual world created by the late James Halliday. Halliday left a quest behind when he died, and every gamer in the world is looking for clues, and everybody in this decaying, dystopian future world is watching. Wade, as his avatar Parzival, uncovers the location of the copper key, and together with his friend Aetch, famed gunter (short for Egg-hunter) Art3mis, and two "brothers" from Japan, he races to find the rest of the clues, keys, and gates before the evil corporate "sixers." I read this several years ago, and then recently watched the movie. I listened to the downloadable audio this time partly because it was available and because the movie was pretty good. I liked the '80s details of the book better than those in the movie. A fun read. More of a YA read than I remembered.

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