Friday, November 10, 2017

The Netanyahu Years

The Netanyahu Years by Ben Kaspit, 506 pages.
Benjamin Netanyahu's grandfather, Nathan Milekowsky, was born in Lithuania in the 1880s. At first an admirer of Herzl, Milekowsky later joined the Jewish Revisionist Movement and spoke to Jews throughout Europe about reclaiming Israel. He also changed his last name.His son, Benzion, became a something of an academic and something of a right-wing political activist. Living in Israel, New York, Philadelphia, and then back in Israel, Benzion and his wife Cela had three sons, their oldest, Yoni; their youngest, Iddo; and their middle child, the subject of this strange book, Benjamin Netanyahu. Okay, it's an interesting book, with lots of interesting "facts," and comments. There's an engaging arc presented, Bibi's stint as a soldier, his time in New York, and then his complicated political career. It's just when you check the back of the book there's not a lot in the way of sources, so it seems possible that it's just a big gossip fest. I didn't like what the author had to say about Obama, anyway, so I was okay dismissing the book overall.

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