Monday, November 13, 2017

Strange Weather

Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill, 432 pages

In this collection of novellas, Hill offers up, yes, some strange weather, but also four wildly different types of horror. The first novella, "Snapshot," centers on a woman whose memory loss may not be due the natural causes everyone assumes it to be; the third, "Aloft," hits those of us with a fear of heights...and the unknown; and the fourth, "Rain," takes the book title most seriously, with sudden and deadly precipitation.

But it's the second story, "Loaded," that I found most chilling. While the others all include some supernatural (or at least super-weird) element, "Loaded" centers on something that is not only plausible, but probable in modern America: a shooting in a mall that just keeps getting worse. It's tightly woven, masterfully brutal, and will send chills down my spine for ages.

All in all, an excellent collection.

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