Thursday, November 2, 2017

Seven Days of Us

Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak, 358 pages

Dr. Olivia Birch is headed home for Christmas after several weeks in Liberia treating victims of the deadly and easily spread Haag virus. Her proximity to the infectious disease means that Olivia's parents, Andrew and Emma, and her younger sister, Phoebe, must hunker down with her in quarantine at their country manor home for a full week. But just before the quarantine begins Andrew hears from the illegitimate son he never knew he had; Emma is diagnosed with cancer; and the self-absorbed Phoebe gets engaged to her equally obnoxious boyfriend. Mix those well, throw in forced Christmas traditions, and stir in a heaping pile of cabin fever, and watch as the festive family implodes.

This is an excellent story of family dysfunction, perfect for holiday reading. It's a quick, easy, fun read, with just the right amount of examination of familial relationships.

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