Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pirates of Pensacola

Pirates of Pensacola / Keith Thomson, 309 pgs.

Morgan's dad Isaac disappeared when he was a kid, off to prison.  This was bad timing because his mom had just died.  Morgan is taken under the wing of  Herb Flick, he grows up to become a middling accountant.  He is basically an office drone at the Vail Company when his dad shows up unexpectedly and drinks the last beer from his fridge.  There are some unresolved issues between father and son, to say the least.  Soon, however, they are on an adventure, looking for lost treasure that Isaac hid before his time behind bars.  Seems like Isaac has lots of people who remember him from the old days.  Although this starts out as a kidnapping, Morgan eventually goes all in on the adventure and he learns to admire and trust his dad.  Swashbuckling fun.

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