Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hunger: a Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay  306 pp.

This book was a hard one for me because so much of it hit home and not in a good way. The author tells the brutally honest story of being gang raped as a child and then eating herself into obesity in hopes of making herself into someone no one would hurt like that again. Instead she faces other hurts and insults because of her size. There is much about her relationship with food. She also details all the ways in which society and even her own family does not know how to deal with large/obese people whether it's in the attitude that fat people are lazy (At age 43, Gay has multiple degrees, teaches at colleges, and has written several books among other things -- hardly a lazy woman.), chairs that don't fit, airplane travel, or the medical profession that looks at people's weight before their symptoms of illness/injury. I found myself saying "OMG, yes" to so much of what she said. This book was blogged earlier by Patrick and Christa.

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