Monday, January 8, 2018

It's all relative

It's all relative: adventures up and down the world's family tree / A. J. Jacobs,  343 pgs.

Hey cousin - I would like to recommend this book to you. And yes, after reading it, I'm pretty sure that we are cousins.  A. J. Jacobs spent a few years learning about his family and it turns out that is pretty much all of us.  Much like his earlier work, he delves into something and answers many questions that you will have as you read.  As always he uses his own personal foibles to guide him on his quest for information and understanding.  Sure, you can look up and see how closely you are related to really smart, beautiful and/or famous people but then you might find much closer relatives in serial killers so be careful what you with for!

Jacobs decides to have the worlds largest family event he plans over a year.  Does it end up a successful event? Hard to say but if the hosts stress level is any indication, it was at least memorable.

Fun stuff including an index with many good resources for your family tree project!

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