Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Radio Free Vermont

Radio Free Vermont / Bill McKibben, read by Danny Campbell, 224 pages.

The audio here is good but not great.  Danny Campbell does a great job with pacing, keeping the story going but most of the characters sound too much the same.  I still enjoyed the story, Vern Barclay kind of accidentally starts a movement encouraging Vermonters to debate succeeding from the US.  His point is that big is too much and smaller would be better.  He is on the run after teaming up with Perry, a teen computer whiz who floods a new Walmart with sewage.  Along the way they get support from a growing contingent, including Vern's mom who, along with her fellow nursing home residents, create a flag for the possible independent Vermont.  There is so much to like here, read or listen to this if you are looking at our current situation with any amount of concern.

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