Monday, February 26, 2018

A Likely Story

A Likely Story by Jenn McKinlay (2015), 292 pages

I've just completed four of the books in Jenn McKinlay's A Library Lover's Mystery series. They're set in fictional Briar Creek, Connecticut, a small coastal town with hundreds of tiny islands within close range. Lindsey Norris is the town's young new library director, whose curiosity gets her into the middle of mysteries that arise, all while handling a difficult circulation staffer, Ms. Cole (also known as "The Lemon" because of her sour disposition), as well as Beth, an enthusiastic children's librarian who is into extreme costuming for story time. Lindsey also heads a weekly book group of supportive, chatty women who gather at the library to eat, work on crafts, and discuss books. (Each of this series' books has a recipe at the back for something the book group ate at their meeting.) A boat captain, Michael "Sully" Sullivan, has captivated Lindsey's heart, yet they don't quite get together, keeping us wondering if it will ever work out.

In A Likely Story, Sully transports Lindsey to an island to deliver library books to some shut-ins. When they are not met at the dock as usual, they work their way into the huge old house, avoiding humongous piles of debris as well as booby traps, both inside and outside the house--the two old brothers who live at the house are extreme hoarders. Lindsey and Sully discover one of the old men is dead in his wheel chair, obviously having been shot. The other brother is missing. Is the missing brother a murderer or on the run for his life? Meanwhile, a rich woman has been buying up some of the islands, and some antique collectors who own a shop in Chicago show up, hoping to buy some of the old brothers' collectibles. Lindsey's research into the town's history helps provide clues to the current mystery, but also causes some dangerous consequences.

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