Monday, October 9, 2017

Thanks, Obama

Thanks, Obama: My hopey, changey White House years / David Litt, read by the author, 310 pgs.

David Litt started out as a volunteer on the campaign trail for Obama and ended up a speech writer for him.  This book starts on the campaign trail and tells it all, the embarrassing stories, the political triumphs and the losses. Litt has many great stories of being young an foolish at the White House.  He enters hoping to become best friends with the president and leaves feeling like something got accomplished.  Litt wrote speeches for many in the administration but was often the go-to guy for the funny stuff.  He admits to an occasional game addiction and also gives you the straight info on the best bathrooms and lunches at the White House.  This is information you can really use to rate a work place.  Wonder if much has changed there?

Litt does a great job reading this book.  Listen to the audio version if you get the chance.

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