Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fables vol. 12

Fables: The Dark Ages [vol. 12] by Bill Willingham, et al, 192 pages

This 12th volume of Fables picks up the story in the immediate aftermath of the war in the Homelands, wrapping up the last loose ends of the Adversary arc and opening up the next chapter in this tale. This volume introduces the horrific new villain Mr. Dark (whose uninspired name is somewhat indicative of his decidedly un-nuanced character), whose witching cloak was used to great effect in the war, much to Mr. Dark's chagrin. This point of the series always makes me sigh, as I've always felt the Mr. Dark story arc isn't nearly as interesting as the Adversary arc. But it has its moments, and they're definitely present in this volume.

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