Saturday, March 11, 2017

Born a crime

Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood / Trevor Noah, 288 pgs.

Being the host of the Daily Show, proves that Trevor Noah has "made it." This book gives you a sense of how far he has come.  Born in South Africa, the pairing of his black mother and white father was literally illegal.  His birth, a crime.  Arpatheid was extreme segregation, and the goal was to deny rights, power, and economic success to a majority of the citizens.  How do you succeed in a situation like that?  Trevor's mom was not having any of it.  She was going to do her thing no matter what system of oppression was in place.  She is really the most amazing part of this story.  Of course Trevor gets some credit too.  His mom a great influence, he also knew his father.  During his teen years, he lived with a step-father and lost touch with his biological father.  The step father was also an influence on Trevor but not a positive one.  Regardless, all of our experiences make us who we are and Noah must have needed it all to become himself.  This book is really a great love story between mother and son.  I found it inspiring.

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