Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rabbit Cake

Rabbit Cake / Annie Harnett, read by Katie Schorr

Elvis is twelve and has a love of science just like her mother.  Her mother, unfortunately, sleep walked into the river and drowned.  Elvis, her sister Lizzie and her dad are still trying to work their way through the grieving process.  Her school counselor tells her it will take 18 months.  Elvis isn't certain her mother died accidentally. She isn't certain that her teenage sister is going to make it since she too sleep walks, sleep eats, and seems to be making lots of bad choices.  She is certain that her mother was not faithful.  She is able to keep learning about the biology of animal sleep in hopes to finish the book that her mother was writing when she died.  Elvis has a great way of looking at things and is observant in the way of a kid who isn't always sure what she is seeing.  This book sounds sad, and it can be but it also funny, sweet and memorable. The audio book read by Katie Schorr was wonderful.

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