Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The young widower's handbook

The young widower's handbook / Tom McAllister,  282 pgs.

Hunter Cady hasn't accomplished much in his 29 years except to fall in love with Kait...a successful woman who loves him back despite his shortcomings.  Hunter feels very lucky and also thinks he may have to get his act together...eventually...when disaster strikes.  Kait dies and Hunter is all alone with himself.  Cue crazy parents and in-laws, none of whom he wants to spend time.  Nobody is more filled with grief than Hunter.  He is at a total loss and doesn't know what to do when some life insurance kicks in and he decides to take Kait (in ash form) on the trip they always envisioned.  Of course Kait was the planner and the driver of the couple so things quickly go wrong on the trip.  Hunter abandons his vehicle and hooks up with an unlikely trio, young couple Austin and Amber and Amber's grandfather Paul.  They are recreating Paul's epic road trip with his young wife of many years ago.  This group is quirky and interesting together.  Hunter makes up a story that he going cross country to meet up with his wife who has started a new job.  Eventually they find out that Kait has been with them all along carefully packed away in Hunter's duffel bag.  I could relate with the grief felt by the characters and enjoyed a lot of the story.  A good first novel by McAllister.

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