Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Before the Frost

Before the Frost by Henning Mankell  384 pp.

In this installment of the Wallender mysteries, Kurt is joined in crime solving by his daughter Linda. Linda is newly graduated from the police academy and due to start working as an officer at the same police station her father works out of. Before she can officially start her job she gets involved in the disappearance of a friend. Linda is just as stubborn and single minded as her father and soon finds herself in over her head. Soon it is realized that Linda's friend, Anna is somehow connected to a religious extremist and a gruesome murder. Linda puts herself in harm's way more than once through her single-minded pursuit of her goals. In the mean time her father is trying hard to cope with the idea of his daughter being a police officer while also "being a dad" and trying to protect her. Because of their similar personalities there a plenty of verbal confrontations between father and daughter. This is far from the best of the series but still an interesting mystery.

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