Friday, January 27, 2017

The Life We Bury

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens  303 pp.

Joe Talbert needs a subject for a biography assignment in a college course. He finds one in a local nursing home. Carl is in the last few months of his life after spending most of it in prison for the brutal rape and murder of a 15 year old girl. The heroic Vietnam veteran Joe meets and interviews doesn't seem like he could have done the horrible deed. Joe and his neighbor and now new girlfriend begin investigating to get the backstory on Carl's murder conviction which was largely based on the girl's coded diary. While this is going on Joe is dealing with an alcoholic mother, his beloved autistic brother, and trying to stay afloat financially. It's an intriguing story with well written characters. My only complaint was the occasional, dangerously dumb things Joe and his girlfriend do towards the end of the story.

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