Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A trick of the light, by Louise Penny

Completing a minor Penny binge with book # 7.  Clara Morrow’s long-awaited solo show at a major art gallery in Montreal is a rousing success as is the after-party at her home in Three Pines.  Then a body is found in the Morrow’s garden the morning following the party.  Horrifyingly, it turns out to be someone she knows well – her former best friend from her troubled childhood, Lillian Dyson.  But Lillian, who grew up to be an art critic, wrote a horrible review of Clara’s early work they had been estranged ever since.  Whodunit (and why do so many people get murdered in this tiny town)?  As art dealers vie to represent the newly famous Clara, her husband Peter, formerly the successful artist of the couple, struggles with his own envy and with a secret from the past.  Of course Chief Inspector Gamache is called in to investigate, and we are once more in the cozy but surprising lethal village enjoying croissants, hot chocolate, and the twists and turns of the plot.  339 pp.

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