Saturday, December 31, 2016

My name is Lucy Barton

My name is Lucy Barton / Elizabeth Strout, 193 pgs.

Lucy Barton is in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy...which should have been a couple of days at most.  But she gets an odd infection and her recovery stalls.  She is, in fact, very sick.  She awakes one morning to see her mother at the end of the bed.  She actually hasn't SEEN her mother in many years.  Through the conversations they have and additional explanations from Lucy, we get to see a family with problems.  Lucy grew up almost impossibly poor but has gotten an education and moved on to the big city.  Is her mother resentful? proud? befuddled?  Maybe a little bit of all.  This is another great book by Strout whose "Olive Kitteridge" still stands as one of my favorites.  

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