Saturday, December 31, 2016

How it went down

How it went down / Kekla Magoon, 326 pgs.

Tariq Johnson is gunned down in the street.  He is a black teen, the shooter is a white man.  In the aftermath, the community is struggling.  This book is told in a variety of viewpoints from people who witnessed the shooting to others who knew Tariq.  Everyone has an interesting perspective but none of these accounts agree.  Was Tariq armed?  Was the shooting justified?  Had Tariq finally joined the gang that had been recruiting him?  Even his best friend is unsure how it went down.

This is the second book of alternating viewpoints that I've read this month and I loved both of them.  This book has many narrators and it is really possible to see all of their viewpoints.  The book really captures the struggles of each person.  Yes, Tariq's shooting is central event of the book but everyone has things going on in their life beyond the shooting.  Powerful writing from an author that is new to me.

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